RDA has three principal objectives:
1. Developing and supporting opportunities for therapy
2. Developing and supporting opportunities for achievement
3. Enabling physical activity and enjoyment.

RDA gives individuals the opportunity to
1. Reach therapeutic goals
2. Achieve their personal ambitions
3. Combat social isolation
4. Develop life skills
5. Experience the outdoors
6. Connect with animals
Therapy is integral to all our activities and is often disguised as opportunities for achievement and fun. Riding provides physiotherapy on the move; the warmth and three dimensional movement of the horse is transmitted through the body, helping riders to relax, become stronger and more supple and improve their posture, balance and coordination.
RDA works hard to ensure that we are able to offer opportunities to any person, regardless of background. Therefore, where there is sufficient capacity and where the welfare of our horses is not put at risk, we are able to work with any person with a disability.